Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rockport Men Shoes | DMX Technology

One of the popular technologies for their Rockport men shoes is their DMX technology. The idea of this technology is to create a cushion effect for your feet by means of generating air flow dynamically while you are walking. This technology will provide your feet with comfort while walking along with your Rockport men shoes.

In general, there are two different kinds of DMX. One is the DMX MAX and the other one is the DMX Walk. With the DMX technology, air near the heel chamber will move to the forefoot chamber to produce a cushion effect when your heel hit the ground. Conversely, when your heel leaves the ground, the air will flow from the forefoot chamber to the heel chamber. Thus, the basic idea is to make use of the air to create a thin cushion under the area of your feet hitting the ground. Results have demonstrated that this technology is very effective. DMX MAX Rockport men shoes will produce 6% more cushioning effect than the DMX Walk model. So for maximum comfort, do look for the MAX.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rockport Men Shoes

Rockport was found by Saul and Bruce Katz in 1971. What so special about Rockport men shoes is that they use advanced technologies and materials for footwear. Thus, Rockport men shoes are comfortable and lightweight. One of their milestones is the invention of their ProWalker developed in 1985. ProWalker is the first design employing the biomechanical technology for fitness-walking. The reason that Rockport men shoes are so popular is because even US Presidents have picked this brand as their choice of shoes. With their practical and advanced technology and design, Rockport men shoes have enduring quality.

rockport men shoesRockport men shoes have many varieties as well. You will be able to find causal, golf, formal, and etc styles from this brand. Its cushioning is so comfortable. When you put your feet into it you will understand the comfort of having a shoe with fantastic cushioning. Once you have tried one on, you may not want to use any other brand at all. Its patented design has also provided excellent support for your heels and forefoot. Also, its dynamic air suspension and DMX padding will further enhance your experience of wearing these Rockport men shoes.

If you require high instep you can pick the blucher lacing. For business wear, the lace-ups are more suitable. For informal occasions, you can try the slip-on or loafer style. One of the most popular styles is the cap-toe oxford. This style usually has tiny holes punched on the seam separating the shoe and the cap-toe. You can also find double rows of fine stitching on cap-toe style as well. At the shoe toe area, you will find a separate leather portion is mounted on the shoes. This design makes your Rockport men shoes look formal and smart.